Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wind in the panhandle - Jan 30 UPDATED

Pam - Due to the huge line of storms rolling thru the south we decided to sit tight today and continue to roll tomorrow. Right now it's overcast and the wind is rocking but we won't get storms until later today.

So, as the day went on the winds picked up but the sky was blue so we decided to go out exploring in Carrabelle.  We did find an old lighthouse called Crooked River Lighthouse that had a nice park for kids with a big pirate ship.  

By dinner time, the winds were shaking the motor home, and when I stepped outside, the wind ripped the door right out of my hands!  A tornado did touch down about an hour away from us, but all we got was a storm with rocking winds and driving rain.  Yea!  Anyway, tomorrow we are heading towards Panama City with stiff northwest winds (that would be in Mike's face) and cold temperatures (that would be 43 in the morning and a high of 59).  Sure glad the motor home has a heater, poor Mike doesn't have one on his bike!!

Mike aboard the pirate ship

Pirate ship

Crooked River Lighthouse

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