Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Two days with the Travanti's Dec. 16,17

The days spent with JT and family were very enjoyable, and I'm glad I got to hook up with one of the few people from my past that I have bothered to keep up with. Actually, JT found me by contacting Buddy (our son) at his school e mail address, and Bud recognized the name. Eventually we got together for a WVU football game last year in Morgantown, and hatched the plan for this visit to possibly happen. Lauren, David, Jake (the kids) , and wife Dorothy were accommodating beyond the call of duty during my three day invasion, so close to Christmas.
We went to the Snuggery to watch the Steeler game, as is a Travanti tradition. There were some hardcore fans there, as you will see if u look at the posted pictures. We also combined sightseeing with some shopping, Dorothy made some great home made lasagna, and I even was allowed to help put up some Christmas decorations! We ate at a great place called Dune Dogs, (twice), a great little outdoor tiki bar, that was like a locals place, off the beaten path. We spent some time looking at the old fraternity websites and composites, refreshing each others memories

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