Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The first weekend at Sugarloaf KOA - Dec 21

Saturday was a low key day, still cool and windy, result of the front that was pounding the north with snow. Charlie and I took a four mile walk to the 'burned out bridge,' a part of the old road that wound through Sugarloaf Key before US 1 was built. It went across a 'cut', a man made canal thru the mangrove trees and narrower creek, for the ability to have boat traffic. No one really knows who burned the bridge, or why.

Old burned out bridge, unfortunately, you can't see how beautiful the  water looks.

We picked up Buddy at Key West International in the evening, and we got our first driving tour of Key West, by our guides, Charlie and Susan. It's gonna be really nice to have someone who has been coming here for 20 years to show us the area. They are really not our guides, but good friends who inspired us to come here! The evening ended with a memorable meal at Hogfish Marina, served by Patti the barmaid. She is a legend of sorts, made famous in a song about another bar, Mangrove Mommas. We also struck up a conversation with a local charter boat fisherman who told us, among other things, the best cure for seasickness, and informed us that "the keys are all about the water. "

Key West international airport - it was freezing!  About 69 degrees!  But it was breezy.....

Waiting in the airport for Buddy's plain to land.

Haven't seen my baby since August!  It's been a long time!

Sunday was highlighted by our first iguana sightings. It turns out that this place is crawling with them. They even came out of a palm tree at the pool, and sunbathed right next to Pam! We watched the Steeler game at a bar on Big Pine Key called Boondocks. We saw another animal that is an endangered species, a key deer. It looks like a whitetail deer, only very small.

Key deer - kinda looks like a large dog!!!

Coming down the tree next to Pam.

Female iguana sunbathing next to Pam's chair!

The only ill effects I have of my windy , cool ride the other day is a sore throat, that I hope doesn't hang around. The wind is dying down. And the water is calming and clearing up, and the weather is supposed to get beautiful.

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