Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sugarloaf to Key West. 56 miles round trip. Dec 23

On the final leg of the trip south, I was accompanied by Charlie, and Buddy. We did some side trips, including checking out a bridge that Buddy might be interested in jumping from sometime. We also took pictures at the Southernmost Buoy, ( everything down here is the southernmost something...) the famous mile 0 marker on Rt 1, Smathers Beach, Higgs Beach, Ernest Hemingway's house. We ate lunch on Duvall Street (the Bourbon Street of Key West), and even checked out a clothing optional bar. When in Key West... Bud decided to hang out at Higgs Beach, and Pam picked him up in the Jeep later in the day, and Charlie and I pounded out a decent pace on the trip back. Bike trails were still very deficient, but there was construction going on that looked like some day, the trails would be complete on the lower Keys. Biking in Key West is an adventure because of heavy traffic, (cars and pedestrians), multitudes of people who haven't ridden in 30 years on rental bikes, and especially people on rented motor scooters that just didn't have a clue about ANYTHING !

Bat tower - some guy built this to house bats so they would eat the mosquitoes.  Well he built it, shipped in all these bats, and the first night the bats flew out......and never came back!

Mike at famous Southern most point in continental US.

And Buddy...

Mike at start of US 1 - famous mile marker.
And Buddy.....
And Charlie Watson....

Famous bar - clothing is optional - of course we had to check it out!!!

Charlie and Buddy on the balcony of Garden of Eden, looking out over Duval Street.

We also saw a fight between two roosters in the street, next to a bar full of tourists. The fight went on for a short time before a local came running into the street and scooped up his chicken, and the wife cussed out the entire bar in a foreign language for not breaking up the fight! Roosters are a very common sight here. They are everywhere and held in high esteem. Cocks of the walk, I would assume.

Why did the chicken cross the road???
To get to the sewer pipe of course!!!!  This was on our campsite.

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