Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

December 30, 31 - New Years Eve

I rode 16 miles on Sunday (to and from Boondocks to watch Steeler game in my new Steelers biking jersey), and 26 miles on New Year's Eve. The 26 miler was to the south end of Sugarloaf, just checking out the final road that I haven't been on.
Charlie decided to organize a 5k run on New Years morning, so we took my Garmin GPS out and walked the course, to get the mile markers and turn around marked out with spray paint, on the road to the burnt out bridge.
New Year's Eve was spent at Charlie and Susan's camp site, with a fire, food, and friends. We decided to pass on going to Duvall Street in Key West to see the conch shell drop at Sloppy Joes, or the red stiletto heel drop at the Bourbon Street Cafe. We really had planned on it, but old age must be setting in, not wanting to be with 10,000 drunken strangers, but a few friends. What is up with that?

Mike and Susan

Charlie and Mike - and I'm not saying anything else!!!!

There were some weak fireworks at midnight, so after a champagne toast and a few kisses and hugs, I decided to break out the quarter stick of firecracker that Shuba gave me as a retirement present. We lit it, and it was loud enough to let everyone know it WAS New Year's Eve! The second loudest bang of the night was the echo it created bouncing off the old railroad bridge! A few people got rocked out of their Rv's, and they were still talking about what it could have been three days later. Charlie denied being responsible for anyone else's actions that might have been present ! I just couldn't go down THAT quietly.

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