Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan 9 Hiking on the Snake Bight trail

Pam and I decided to do some hiking on two trails that promised adventure and wildlife. We walked about seven miles on the Snake Bight trail and the Rowdy Bend trail. The Snake Bight trail, was wide and clear, easily walked, and went about two miles. The most adventuresome thing we saw was the rare zebra butterfly, and there were plenty of them. My big adventure was to get a good picture of this critter, which I did. Much to Pam's relief, there were no snakes anywhere in sight, even though I'm sure they were lurking behind every tree, but I didn't tell her that! At the end of that trail, we came to the bight( a small bay within a bay). It had a wooden boardwalk, and we watched and photographed a blue heron as he waited for a meal. The trip then became a little more 'Everglades' like. The Rowdy Bend trail was grass filled and narrow, and the real possibility existed of more wildlife than we saw on the first trail. The longer, Rowdy Bend trail, was swampier in places, and seemed more remote, with low branches, and was 12 inches wide in places. I wasn't afraid as I led Pam through the trail, however, as her constant chattering and heavy footsteps made sure we weren't going to surprise any snakes! Pam was chattering because she was SCARED TO DEATH!  There are 24 types of snakes in the Everglades and 4 are venomous!  Really! What we did see was a large, nesting osprey , and a tree frog.
Before we entered the trail

Zebra butterfly

The end of Snake Bight trail!

Mike likes to catch me when I'm making funny faces!  Gotta love the guy!  Anyway, this was the boardwalk at the end of Snake Bight trail.

Look in the very center of the picture and you will see our friend the  Great Blue Heron!

Another zebra butterfly

He was kind of playing hide and go seek with us!

Rowdy trail - this is where it started to get a little creepy - believe me, the trail got way more narrow than this.  And had alot of high grass!!!  Snake heaven!

They call this a pineapple plant (it isn't really) but it lives on trees and hoards water inside!

One of the views that we had....

Osprey nest

Tree frog - it was about 2 inches long!

After we got out alive!!

Part of the view along the trail!

I know there was a python in there waiting for us!

The length of the hike was significant for both Pam and I, as it marked the longest pain free walk for both of us, since Pam had her plantar fascia surgery, and I had physical therapy for lower back pain in May. Hopefully this will bode well for our ability to hike the Grand Canyon next May, as we currently have planned.
Later that day, we saw a really cool owl along the road near the campground. Also, an admirer, came up to Pam in the campground, and asked to take picture of her jeep!

Owl in flight

Barred owl

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