Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
Mesa to OBX

Friday, January 30, 2015

Two days at the Miami/Everglades RV Resort (Dec. 15, 16)

This is an apology to all our friends and family who follow us on this blog!  I didn't realize that Mike had made a few entries that were waiting for me to add photos, so here is the first entry, with another to follow.  We will be catching up over the next few days????

With all the things there are to do in Miami and the Everglades, we did nothing. We lounged at the pool and soaked up the warm sun, which had temperatures near 80 for two days. One evening we went into Homestead, hit the mall and picked up a few things. We also stopped at a roadside farm stand and picked up some locally grown tomatoes and corn, and an avacado that was the size of a volleyball. The next night we drove towards Key Largo to Alabama Jacks, out along a canal in the middle of nowhere, and had some conch fritters, and waited for some manatees to swim by, but they never did. I basically rested up for a potential 125 mile ride to Sugarloaf KOA, and Pam got to relax, without having to set up or break down the RV for a couple of days. We are going to check into Sugarloaf one day early, which is a good thing too. Thank you tail if the wind will just cooperate for one more day.

Alabama Jacks

Sign inside the place

Relaxing next to the canal - but no manatees!!!