Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
Mesa to OBX

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Greetings from Hatteras Island

Pam - This is a sunset picture taken at Mojo's Sunset Cafe last week.  Nothing better than an OBX sunset!!  Now you know why I love it down here!

Last weekend Mike and I volunteered to work the OBX Triathlon - what a great time!  Saturday was the Olympic tri and the half tri.  Sunday was the sprint tri.  What an organized, outstanding event!  If you are into triathlons, I would strongly recommend the OBX Tri - it's held every September.  You can make it into a mini vacation.  Check out the Outer Banks Sporting Events website - they hosts lots of events.  They have a marathon coming up Veteran's Day weekend.....  Unfortunately, we won't be working it cause we will be somewhere south!

The last few days have been awesome!!  Sunshine, mild wind, mid 70's!  BEACH TIME!!  It was nice to get on the beach and work on my tan!  We even went into the water.  Now we are preparing to head on down the road.  The plan is to pack up after next weekend and head on down to Ocracoke Island for a few days and then, onto the ferry to Cedar Island. 

September on Hatteras Island

Pam - Well, I just realized that neither of us has made an entry in the blog in almost a month, so, I'm going to update you on September in OBX!  It seems like as soon as Labor Day came and went, someone flipped the switch and fall was in the air!  It got very chilly here and the winds started blowing out of the Northeast.  For you mainlanders, that means the wind is coming in off the ocean and it is raw and cold.  The AC is off in the trailer and the windows and doors are open - great sleeping weather, but no sunbathing!  Did I mention winds are 15-20 mph???  Not such good weather for Mike to ride, but he was still out there peddling away.  He's putting up astronomical mileage, but I will let him tell you about that......  Anyway, we have been enjoying local happenings.  We went down to Hatteras for Day at the Docks.  All about honoring and teaching us about the people who work in fishing - which is the life blood of this island.  Then we went to the Chicamacomico Banks Fire Department annual chili cookoff.  Good food, good music and GOOD FRIENDS.  Oh, yes....then one day we went down to Hatteras to visit the Graveyard of the Atlantic museum.  That's when I took the picture of Mike - no, he wasn't having a stroke, it's just his pirate face!!!

As you can tell, we are relaxed, happy, and enjoying retirement!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Turtle Excavation

Pam - Well, the second turtle nest hatched last week and the nest was excavated over Labor Day weekend.  What a cool experience!  I got to watch the ranger dig up the nest and he showed us the hatched shells, the eggs that never hatched AND one hatchling that what coming out of his shell.  The above video is the hatchling that was saved and he was later released into the ocean.
  We have one more nest to go here at North Beach Campground.....  Now I get to sit on the beach and watch the pro surfers go at it!  We are enjoying the efforts of Hurricane Leslie since she is creating huge waves that should last until next Tuesday.  There was a surf competion in Nags Head over Labor Day weekend and since Leslie was sending us waves, many surfers cancelled their flights home and decided to stay and play!  This retirement stuff is tiring!  I have so many things to see and do - how did I ever find time to work?????!!!!!