Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wild and crazy day in Perry! Jan 28

Pam - Don't let the title fool you!  Anyway, we got to sleep in a little and woke up to a disgusting smell permeating the motor home!  At one point, I thought that we had a propane leak and then I remembered the note attached to our KOA brochure that talked about the "smell of money"!  That would be the paper mill that smelled for an hour or two, then the breeze shifted and all was good.  Mike and I went for a stroll thru the campground to check it out and we noticed that a lot of the campsites were occupied by youngish women with small children and license plates from out of state.  Later we found out that they were living there while their husbands worked at the pulp mill.  We stopped into the camp office so we could ask what there was to see in the area.  The girl replied: "Nothing!"  Well, we ended up walking up 98, checking out all the abandoned motels and discovered a small state park that was a turpentine and forestry museum.  It was pretty cool and we learned all about virgin forests, and second and third generation forests (we are in the heart of logging country).  There was also a "cracker homestead" to tour.  So we did find things to see in Perry!  I think Mike's highlight of the day was having a late lunch/early dinner at the Huddle House!

What can I say?????

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