Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Exploring Naples by bike and Barry

Jan 16 and 17-- Wednesday the 16th was a quiet day, we had a little socializing with the neighbors at the San Marino Lake Campground, and then met Barry at a beautiful area called Murcato, with restaurants, bars, live bands ( on a Wednesday), and most of it is outdoors. It is also surrounded by condos, where many younger people live, so it's a nice mix of locals and tourists

On the 17th, I got in a forty mile ride along the Gulf coast. Wow! What a difference from what I experienced on US41 on the way into town. The area was beautiful, with plush, green lawns, wide streets with bike lanes and bikers everywhere, tons of public beach accesses in amongst the gated condos, several golf courses. Landscapers were working everywhere, and fortunately, I had no desire to help at all! Bayshore Blvd. was a little hard to follow in places, but it made the exploring a little more interesting.
After beautiful weather for a shirtless ride, I got home, sat down in a chair to enjoy the sun, and to my surprise, felt a cool breeze. Within 15 minutes, the sky was overcast, and the temperature dropped 15 degrees into the mid 60's. What a slap in the face! It looks like we are gonna get some winter after all!

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