Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Years Day with no football January 1, 2013!

New Year's Day dawned with us sleeping thru Charlie's 8 AM 5 K fun run. However, more importantly, 10 people did come, which I consider a success for the inaugural event! ( next years time was moved until 9). We were awakened by a phone call from John Pennecamp State Park, where we had reservations for the three of us to go snorkeling. There was high surf, high wind, and a small craft warning, and they wanted strong swimmers only, so we decided not to go. I felt bad because I'm the weakest swimmer, but Bud and Pam agreed it might not be so much fun. Being Buddy's last day here, we were really bummed out for him.
We did, however, rent paddle boards for a couple of hours and went out right at the KOA, instead of the 80 mile drive it would have been to snorkel (silver lining). We went under the bridge with the incoming current, and paddled across the inlet to some canals, near some of the homes on Cudjoe Key. Getting back under the bridge against the current was a bit of a challenge , but we made it. We came back across the middle of the inlet to the campground, and NONE of us got wet. It was Buds first time, and Pam's and my second to paddle board. I figured it would be me who went overboard, but I give all the credit to the great, floaty board. Thank you very much.

Buddy also decided to jump off of the bridge that connected Sugarloaf Key to Cudjoe Key!
This was Buddy's view of the campground.

This was our view of Buddy jumping!

We had the traditional pork and sauerkraut at Charlie and Susan's, and prepared to get up at 4:30 in the morning to get Buddy to the airport. The weather channel told us it would be about 20 degrees there in Pittsburgh with snow when he landed. Ouch!

Unfortunately there are no pictures to post from our paddle trip because we belatedly remembered that Buddy took really cool pictures while we paddled and he and his camera are now in Pittsburgh!  Oh well, just imagine beautiful, clear blue green water, lots of fish and flowers on the bushes!

PS- We were so busy, that we forgot that it was a football game day!!  Even missed the Rose Bowl parade!

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