Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
Mesa to OBX

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The boy goes home - January 2

We were at the airport and Bud was thru security before the sun came up. Pam had the jeep keys so she convinced me to stay in Key West and watch the sunrise near Smathers beach. We were there, all alone, except for a few passing runners, until we got out of the jeep, when all these Chinamen with cameras and tripods started showing up. So, Pam and I had a romantic sunrise with 50 of our closest oriental friends, and we managed to take one or two good photos of what turned out to be a perfect sunrise, as an orange ball melted right out of the ocean and all the upper level clouds were filled with colors. I'm not gonna do many sunrises, by nature, so I'm glad it was perfect on the first try. It was my first sunrise since June, when that damn bird in the tree right outside my bedroom window used to get me up for work at exactly 4:12 am.

Tell me this isn't worth it???
With a few of our friends!

Charlie and I got an early start ( for me, not him), on a ride to Key West. We did 46 miles round trip, with a little sight seeing, including a videotaped message that we each did for a South African at the US's southernmost point!
The KOA twins getting ready for a ride.  Is this a KOA commercial?  It should be!

Two pictures of Mike at the famous point!  Two!  Are there any of  Pam?  NO!

We went with Charlie and Susan for a repeat performance at the Geiger Key Marina, with great food, sunset, and plenty of no-see-ums. Notice that I said sunset-----definitely the best sunrise/sunset combo of my sheltered life.

As all of this is going on, poor Buddy is travelling back home to Pittsburgh!  He had a delay in Tampa due to a late arriving incoming plane.  He finally got home to Pittsburgh around 5:50 pm.  Being the smart, college educated guy that he is.....while still at the Key West International airport, he saw a Key West SNOW SCRAPER!  And remembered that he didn't have one in the car waiting at the Pittsburgh airport, so he bought one!  He sent us a picture of the fun he was having while scraping off the snow and ice (after 10 glorious days in Key West)!

That's alot of snow that we aren't enjoying!!  HA HA

The combination of all the wind and the sun has totally fried my lips. This happened two summers ago when I was working in the sun 14 hours a day. Following advise from a doctor friend from Southpointe, I have been slathering my lips with Vaseline (yes, even in Key West) and they are not getting better. I looked online, and learned that most Chapstick products put ingredients in to make your lips dry out! ( so you buy more product). With further research I found that vitamin E oil is the best thing for your lips, or a product called Aquaphor. Even Vaseline doesn't heal lips, it just helps seal in moisture. I've been addicted to Chapstick since I started landscaping, 20 years ago. I'm quitting cold turkey and going straight vitamin E. There---- I said it!

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