Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Friday, January 25, 2013

A quiet day in Spring Hill - Jan 25

Jan. 25 We decided to take a day off and do nothing, but it turned into a day of Rv cleaning, and maintenance. Pam did laundry, and I put new brakes on her bike, sat in a reclining chair in the sun a lot, and spent time looking at all the pictures people were sending me from the snowstorm in Pittsburgh. We went to eat Chinese for lunch, and generally regrouped for a ride to the thriving metropolis of Chiefland, Fla tomorrow.

This is on the nature trail in our campground.   It may be January, but here in Florida, the foliage is still very green and jungle lush!

And so we are all caught up!!  Yahoo!  But I guarantee that we will get behind again when we get to New Orleans and Marti Gras!  Anyway, I am still working on downloading some video taken on our camera.  For what ever reason, the laptop/Picasa program doesn't want to accept the videos, so therefore we can't post them to the blog.  I have an idea that I'm working on, so if I ever get the videos off of the camera, I will post them all together (I hope).

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