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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Extended stay in Naples

We decided, even with our strict schedule, to stay in Naples for the weekend.( that's a joke about the strict schedule). Friday we drove downtown to check out the historic shopping and restaurant district, and got yet another view of Naples. They have a fishing pier that is free to the public , and no fishing license is necessary. We had our first experience with the Florida red tide on that pier. We were walking along, and both of us started coughing at exactly the same time. We also noticed a dead fish floating under the pier. Somewhere along the line we saw a beach warning sign describing the red tide. It is a algae that can turn the water red, and it uses all the oxygen in the water, therefore suffocating tons of fish. I guess this is the time of the year for the annual outbreak. It is allegedly caused by fertilizer runoff, but there is a lot of political and scientific disagreement, sort of like global warming. All I know is that the dead fish were stinky, and it was catching in people's throats Evening plans included food and drink at Pelican Larry's with Barry.

This is a sign posted on the beach.

Saturday was supposed to be our day to lay on the beach in the sun, but there was very little sun, and the dose of Florida winter was still present. ( high of 70, lows in the 50's) We decided to cancel the beach, and I got in a 37 mile ride, riding east toward the Everglades, to check that out. Naples is limited by the Gulf on the west, and the swamp on the east, so there is no where to grow in those directions. It is a very long, linear town, not shaped like you would think. Near the end of my ride, at a place near Barry's office, we hooked up for breakfast at a place called 'Skillets'.

Sunday, we did go to the beach, even though it wasn't warm for very long, but we did get a chance to get into bathing suits, and watch other Yankees who thought it was a beach day. In the evening we went to Kim Bochampers Sports Bar, and met up with Barry and his former football coaching staff at a local college, Ava Maria, and other friends and watched the AFC championship game between. The Ravens and the Patriots.
We liked Naples, despite the heavy traffic and long red lights. It's a beautiful place, but its not for those who don't have money to spend. There is a lot to do, and Barry seems to be happy there, enough to plan on staying and retiring there.

Barry and Mike

Barry, Mike & Pam

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