Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Naples to Venice 76.3 in 5:30

Monday, Jan 21. I bet you wouldn't have guessed we were in Italy! (Naples to Venice, get it? ) Actually we are still in Florida, just heading north on the Gulf coast. I'm still on US 41, and the road was pretty good. I jumped off onto business 41 in Ft. Meyers, and what a difference between Naples and Ft Meyers! Ft Meyers seemed older, and not built for tourists or snow birds. It had a worn down downtown, with a very visible homeless population. Naples, as described earlier, was booming, and it hid any older or run down areas from me, even as I rode all over over four rides in different directions. Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte were also normal looking towns, except with one area in Punta Gorda that looked worth investigating. The wind was blowing harder into my face as the day went on, so I chose not to take a side trip that I probably should have. I did, however, stop and visit with the Blues Brothers. ( see picture). The weather is once again pretty nice, but that north wind has gotta back off!

Upon arrival in Venice we hooked up with more old teaching friends from Peters Twp. who live here, or are in the process of moving here. St. Clair Gratz, who lived on his boat up and down the east coast before buying a house (where we all gathered), Paul Sutherland , a former technology teacher, who has been here for a few months, and is in the midst of doing many home improvements on an already nice home, as well as deciding which motorcycle club to join, Jay Greenberger, who was looking to buy, and Buzz Scott, who may end up here as well, but is officially in Pittsburgh, I guess. We all met at Saint's house after their tennis session and had drinks and conversation. Not much has changed with these characters over the years!

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