Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Recovering in El Paso (April 12, 2016)

22.51 miles in 2:14 from one side of El Paso to the other.....471.73 miles for the trip. I climbed more today in 22 miles than I did yesterday in 102 miles! Ascent....735 ft (8420 for the trip
The long ride yesterday tired my legs out pretty good, and El Paso is not the most bicycle friendly town to get around in. I thought that a rest day is in order, especially since tomorrow is going to be another  century ride with lots of climbing on Guadeloupe pass. The closest motel is 179 miles away, so tomorrow is going to be a camp out night.
I waited until about 11:30 to check out of one motel 6, and I was checking into another by 2:00, 23 miles closer to tomorrow's destination. I am in a hilly, northern part of town, and I was on the side of a mountain for the entire ride. Most of the time I could look to my right, and see the lower parts of southern El Paso, as well as Juarez, Mexico. I rode some of the same roads that I've been on before, and for a short stretch I was within a quarter mile of Mexico, and actually passed under one of the bridges into the country. Rain was in the forecast all day, even though it stayed to the west of me. I watched it rain in Mexico, but never got wet.
Once I checked in, I walked a few miles to a Whataburger, ate lunch, then walked around a shopping area and bought an inflatable pillow for tomorrow night. Achilles tendons were functional, but still can't toe off very well. Early to bed, early to rise for tomorrow.

One of the five border crossings in El Paso

Monument in Mexico

A new kind of bloom I've not seen before.


Rain in Mexico.  Dry in the US.

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