Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 21 - Plano, TX to Sulphur Springs, TX

78.87 miles in 6:30....(1177.44 miles for the trip in 16 days.... Averaging 73.59 per day) ascent.... 1293 ft (22676 ft for trip)
The forecasted rain and gloominess never really materialized, as all the bad stuff hit to the west, in area I've already passed through. The roads were a little wet, and the temps were in the mid 60's, and the clouds gradually went from total overcast, to white and puffy, to almost total sunshine and 80 by the end of the ride.
The first 25 miles if the ride were still in what consider metro DFW, as I rode on main roads and industrial parks. One three mile stretch was under construction and particularly hairy with both directions of traffic on one narrow two lane.
The next 20 or so miles were through farm and ranch land, dotted with cornfields and small towns of between 500 and 1500 people, on County roads and state roads, in various states of chip seal. I didn't even mind the rough chip seal so much, because the weather, wind direction, and general aura of the ride was just.....nice. It turned out to be a great day. Legs were good, rollers were very gentle, traffic mild, once I got out of the big city. The landscape was very green, and the grasses were all going to seed, which means by the end, my eyes were itchy and red. GPS girl took me on some really bad roads as I backed into Greenville, a town of about 15000, but I never really saw much, because she kept me out in the woods, which bicycle GPS has a tendency to do. I would have rather ridden through town, to check it out.
The next 25 miles into Sulphur Springs was on Interstate 30 frontage road, through otherwise unremarkable terrain.
Since I missed Greenville, I took the business route through Sulphur Springs. I'm glad I did. As I was coming into town, a police escorted parade of very old cars headed out. They were on a tour, celebrating the Bankhead Highway that I mentioned in a previous post. It is an original transcontinental route that ran from Washington DC to San Diego. The business district was also a pleasant surprise, with brick streets, music piped on the street, and outdoor caf├ęs and shops filled with people. The town square, that is so common in the Midwest, had dancing waters and a red granite courthouse. As I was snapping pictures, the city manager walked up to me and we chatted for a while. Five miles later I was at a Day's Inn next to I 30. I soaked my legs in a very cold outdoor pool, ordered Domino's, and chilled out.
Now for an editorial comment: Since I'm almost all the way through Texas, with the wealth, and God, country, and family mentality that I've seen, I understand the quiet movement I have heard about. Some people here want Texas to secede from the Union and form their own country. I heard about it last time I was here, and saw bumper stickers again this time. With the way the USA is headed right now, maybe they could do okay. I have noticed the ten commandments posted in a lot of city properties, and nobody seems to be suing to have them removed. Save us, Texas!! And maybe get rid of the damn chip seal.

A suburb of Dallas. I wonder if their nickname is the coyotes?  That would make them the Wylie Coyotes!

More wildflowers along the road

Century tomorrow?  Yep

Bankhead Highway parade of old cars in Sulphur Springs

Town square in Sulphur Springs

Downtown Sulphur Springs

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