Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18 Anson TX to Breckenridge, TX

59.67 miles in 5:32...(951.67 total for the trip, averaging 73.2 miles per day for 13 days.....ascent 1109 for trip is 17,705 ft.
I wasn't in a hurry to get out there today because of the weather.... Drizzly, north wind, about 49 degrees, zero riding in the fog. The temp didn't touch 60 until very late in the ride. It never rained, but always had drizzle or just a cold chill in my bones. No sun, didn't even lighten up once all day.
Blah weather, blah scenery, blah effort on my part. Very little along this stretch got my attention. Lots of prickly pear, mesquite trees and field grass. Lots of rolling hills with water in every stream because of the 3.64 inches of rain that recently fell. Many small ponds and lakes dotted the landscape. Frogs were constantly croaking. I almost ran over a dead one that was the size of a squirrel. I was serenaded by a pack of yelping coyotes out there somewhere.
About two thirds of the way into the ride, I passed through the little upscale tourist town of Albany. I chose not to eat in the fancy restaurants there, so when I stopped for a short time, I ate a clif bar, added my long pants and my waterproof boots over my sandals. Riding for over three hours in shorts and sandals was really chilling me down. The temp was supposed to go to 68, but at that point it was still about 54. That about sums up the day.
The only other two  things of note was crossing the rain swollen Brazos River about halfway, and Hubbard Creek Lake near Breckenridge. I crossed about a half mile long bridge over a lake that looks like it us quite a recreation spot for the Ft . Worth area, but today it was very muddy ( red mud, like most of the creeks), and higher than usual. 

A railroad car marked an old railroad for loading cattle at an historic marker, but there was not any other signs of a railroad for the entire trip 

A big longhorn skull in Albany, TX
This is as Tex Mex as I'll go at Ernie's Spanish Restaurant!

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