Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15 - Carlsbad, NM to Hobbs,NM

April 15, 2016.....72.76 miles in 6:20....699.59 miles in ten days....ascent...1155 ft....14,546 ft of climbing for the trip....
Today was an eventless ride through the Chihuahua desert area, with very little that stood out. I saw many dead coyotes and one dead javelina or wild pig, not sure which. The entire ride was made on US 62/180, which is a great road with a great shoulder from Carlsbad to Hobbs. It is just like an interstate, without the traffic. I would say most of the traffic was local, and it all had to do with the potash, oil, or gas industries, which was all there was out there .  Potash is a mineral used in fertilizer and some soaps. More potash near Carlsbad, more gas and oil near Hobbs. There was a steady rolling, elevation for the entire length of the trip.
I am no longer the rootinest, rootinest,  shootinest, long haired cowpoke north, south, and West of the Pecos. (Credit for that quote goes to Yosemite Sam). I crossed the Pecos in Carlsbad, so I am east of the lawlessness now!! The climb was out of the Pecos valley, and Hobbs is about 500 ft higher than Carlsbad.
The most pleasant surprise of the day, was the town of Hobbs. I took my panniers off, and rode around town, just to check it out. I stopped at a Weinersnitzel, had two chili dogs, and then went to KFC and picked up some chicken for later.
If you've been watching the weather channel, I am now very near the 'dry line', where dry air from the desert southwest, and moist air from the gulf collide, and nasty winds and storms break out. There was a chance of that happening in Hobbs, but it fizzled out. As I go into Texas tomorrow, the winds will be present, and we'll see how well I do dodging storms. Only 400 miles to Dallas!!!

White soil is related to the potash industry
I found this AMC Javelin in Hobbs, my dream car in 1973
Downtown Hobbs

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