Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 28 - Bells, Tennessee to Waverley, TN

April 28...91.06 miles in 7:23....1825.22 miles in 23 days for an average of 79.357 miles per day.....ascent 2870 ft .....35,143 for the trip.
My morning started off with the lady at the motel 6 saying...." I passed you on the way to work. You were on the wrong side of the road!" Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!! Really? She thought I should be riding facing traffic!! I mentioned before that sometimes I feel like a Martian on this trip. Am I breaking new ground here???! Drivers and pedestrians treat my bike like a flying saucer. They slow down, check me out real hard, but don't wanna get real close, because of the unknown. I hope I get through here without causing a head on collision because people move over so far. They follow me for so long, because they don't know how to safely get by me. The truckers are the only ones who can get by me normally. Don't people know that if there is enough room for an eighteen wheeler that there's enough effing room for their car!!!!!???? I'm not saying that I regret coming this way, but I wish some other people from my planet would come this way!!!!
Now about the trip.... US 70, which I was on all day again today has the record for official designations. It is the purple heart Highway, it is the gold star family memorial Highway, it is Tennessee's first state highway ( from Memphis to Bristol), it is the Tennessee scenic byway, and it is the Broadway Street of America. I really had noticed that it was called Broadway Ave in every small town I've gone through. It's just not as famous as US 66, the mother Highway, or even US 40, the national road, but it did go coast to coast, I guess.
Tennessee is one of those states that's real big on rumble strips. Unless I was in a town, I had rumble strips since I've been in this state. The white line is even cut into rumblers in places. That means I spent most of the day in the driving lane today. And US 70 was pretty busy end to end today, and yesterday. I did have some time to look around, and I saw farmland, even though not much, logging areas, nice lakes, lots of forested areas, and lots of rollers, but not huge ones. I climbed almost 3000 ft today, but averaged a good speed, because I could use downhill momentum to pop over the top of some of the hills without downshifting. That's the way the hills are in western PA, u can just power over some of them without grinding to a slow, climbing speed.
I went through three pretty big towns, Jackson, which is the ' birthplace of rockabilly' because Carl Perkins was born there, Huntingdon, and Camden. There were so many unincorporated towns, however, that it seemed like I was always near civilization. I was never " in the middle of nowhere ". The most impressive landmark that I passed today was the Tennessee River. It was huge, but I think it was damned up because I saw alot of power lines from the TVA, and I saw a sign about Kentucky Lake.
Once again I dodged rain, and had a beautiful day.

Jackson, Tennessee's claim to fame

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