Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Spending time on the Cajun Riviera, just because we can! Feb 24

Sunday, Feb. 24. We woke up late, and decided to do some housekeeping and have some Jeep fun. We could drive on the beach of the Gulf, even though it was narrow, and near high tide. We saw two dead dolphin on the beach. They had a blackish tint to them, oil slickish to the uneducated , probably just died of natural causes, but you never know. We beachcombed for seashells, to put in Pam's hobby box. Some of the shells were blackish (oil ?) and some are nice. The Louisiana Gulf beaches are not of the beautiful sandy variety, like the Outer Banks, but are filled with shells, crushed and whole, lots of seaweed, and incredibly polluted by man. They are in no way recovered from Rita and Ike, and the piles of black sand indicate the BP oil spill will take years, or decades, or centuries, to recover. That being said, I saw a fisherman pull out a huge fish of some sort, and the birds were plentiful. The backdrop of off shore oil rigs and wells cast an eerie mix with the fishing boats. The Gulf horizon is very busy, compared to the peaceful ocean horizons that I'm used to. After our Jeep adventure, where we checked out many small beach developments that were once beautiful, but are now under various stages of repair and desertion, we chilled at the Rv. Pam was motivated to wash the Jeep and Pace Arrow, I wasn't.
The day ended with rain, thunder, lightning, and multitudes of mosquitos that drilled through the walls of the Rv. Chemical warfare was the ultimate finish, after hours of fly swatter warfare.

Some people were riding on the beach

Cruising down the beach

Dead dolphin

Now why did the Jeep need a bath???

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