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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hermes, D'Etat, and Morpheus- Feb 8

No, I'm not typing Latin, as these are the names of the Krewes whose parades we watched on Friday evening. We drove all the way into town, and parked in one of the few parking garages that can handle the height of the Jeep, and because of the height, we got to park on the first floor, right next to the exit. We got closer to the French Quarter than I thought we would, so we had no long hike to the car at all. We hit Bourbon Street in the afternoon, and it was pretty busy. Pam got her face painted for the celebration, and it looked really good, and put us in the spirit of Mardi Gras. We stopped into a little place on Bourbon, and Pam left me alone to use the facility, and within one minute, a thirty-something guy in a blue tank top and neon green hard hat was chatting me up. I was just going to ask him to buy me a drink when Pam got back, and he realized I was married. We have to stay in the right section of Bourbon Street! We also went up on a balcony to check out the crowd.
Friday night on Bourbon Street - view from the balcony.

We wandered though the ever building crowd, walked on some of the side streets looking for a restaurant that Pam remembered from our last visit, where she had eaten a muffaletto, a popular type of sandwich down here Then we watched the parades on Canal Street, from the median, or neutral ground as they say down here, where the trolley tracks run. At some points, we had parades running at the same time on both sides of us, in front and behind, and the noise echoing off the big downtown buildings was pretty awesome We bagged lots of beads, and had to find our way out of town, because Canal Street was closed off. We went on some back roads, that weren't really back roads, down near the river, and saw some new sights, and for the most part, stayed out of traffic jams. New Orleans has a few streets that are their main thoroughfares, and if you learn what they are, it is a relatively easy town to get around.
The pictures we took will show parade scenes, and explain more than I could in a thousand words.
Mini parade through the French Quarter - all their tops were made from beads!

Getting my face painted at Jackson Square

It's like Christmas!  Everyone decorates their homes for Mardi Gras.

Mike forgot to mention that the holy rollers were out - their goal was to get to heaven by letting us all know that we were going to Hell because we were celebrating!

One of the beautiful floats in the night time parades.

Ventured onto Bourbon Street.

Even Mike gets beads!

Our motor home gets into the spirit.

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