Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Houma, Louisiana Feb 18

When we got here, I expected to see a medium size fishing town with lots of boats, nets,crab traps, etc. Not so. This is a petroleum boom town. It's growing like a weed, and beautiful new housing plans dot the landscape no matter where we went, and went everywhere today!
We started out with plans to take a two hour cruise in the bayou at one o'clock. We got out on the boat with two other elderly ( of course) couples, one of which drove all the way from Biloxi Mississippi, just for this trip. We got out about five minutes, and the light drizzle turned to a heavier rain. The boat driver, and maybe the other people, decided to turn back and cancel the trip. I was windy, cool, and rather miserable, but, hey, c'mon!!! We went into the little restaurant , called Bayou Delight, and chowed down on seafood gumbo, and white beans and catfish. By the time we were done, the sun was trying to come out. Damn. But, we were rescheduled for tomorrow at ten a.m., so we decided to check out the town, which has canals running all through it. I ended up getting a haircut at a mall ( I was shaggy, but what else is new), and Pam went to a little Chinese Massage place, and the Chinese woman tore...her...up, and she came out with a smile on her face.
We then took some time to find a highly recommended Cajun restaurant called Big Al's. We had, crawfish , catfish, and some of the craziest tasting boiled red potatoes you can imagine, washed down with some Abita Andygator draft beer. Now that's eating Cajun style!
The heavy clouds and showers hung around all day, and we hope tomorrow allows us to get in the bayou tour. We delayed our departure one day to do what we came to do here ( and we'll get more Cajun food too!) We hope to have some great pictures tomorrow, and in the meantime, we are just enjoying listening to these people talk!

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