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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Ash Wednesday Feb 13

Ash Wednesday is a very happy day in New Orleans. As much as the people of NOLA (New Orleans , Louisiana), look forward to the party, they seem to look forward to the end of the madness as much. I know I did! The day started out early, with Bird and Gisele stopping by to say goodbye, and ride off into the rainy western trails. The rain that was predicted for Monday and Tuesday finally arrived, and much of the day was a drizzly affair. It did not stop Pam and I from heading to town again, this time looking to do some things that we couldn't do during the crazy days. We rode the trolleys into town (some were shut down to clean overhead lines and repair tracks), and strolled the French Market, including beignets at the Cafe Du Mond. We also explored a few blocks off the French Quarter, on a street called Frenchmen Street, that was recommended by a friend that knows all the coolest places in all the coolest places (Susan Watson). (Note to self. That is a place we need to go back to and spend more time ).
Jackson Square with St Louis Cathedral in background

Beignet - YUM!!!  It was warm too!

We went to Ash Wednesday mass and got ashes at the famous St Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square, and ate at really good place right next door. We then went to the Preservation Jazz Hall and caught all three sets of the best jazz in NOLA, which is always one of my favorite things to do. Bourbon Street was quiet by its own standards, but it was still rockin. A few people didn't know the party was over. One drunk guy walked up to me and asked me "do you have a few bucks for alcohol if i promise not to spend it on food?" It was the line of the day, but I still said no. That guy was finding out that there was a thing as too much fun! After a trolley ride to the end of the line on Carrolton Street, we got our Jeep which we parked at a Walgreens, and ended the traditional "quietest day in New Orleans".

The band and the setting of Preservation Hall! Note the crowd sits right by the band and there are no microphones and amplifiers!

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