Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bird and Gisele arrive! Feb 10

There was supposed to be rain, but we all got lucky, and the worst we had was some sprinkles and a little off and on raindrops. The rain here seems to drop for about two minutes, then stop. These conditions made it so the road always looked wet, but we never really got wet. Fortunately, and as is usually true, the weatherman overestimated the potential for rain, but they are still talking about possibly record setting rains for Lundy Gras (Monday), and Mardi Gras ( Tuesday).
Bird and Gisele were tired from their trip, and we had an interesting discussion about the different pains caused by motorcycle seats, compared to bicycle seats.  We still did an evening parade, Bacchus, and caught part of the Thoth parade. The beads were really flying, and we hauled bags full back to the Jeep, which we parked in the same open lot we did last night, which required extra walking. It was Bird's first time on Bourbon Street, and its always fun to be with someone when it's their first time. Bourbon Street put on a good show for him, and we spent quite a bit of time just wandering, ogling all the proceedings. Pam will not allow Mike to post the pictures of the painted ladies!
Unfortunately, the Jeep only has two front seats, so the ride for our friends, Bird and Gisele, was in the back of the Jeep, on the floor boards, and the Jeep doesn't exactly ride like a Cadillac, so they felt every bump on New Orleans not so smooth roads. It probably made them forget about how uncomfortable the motorcycle seat was! Despite the torturous rides, we all had a blast. It's nice to see someone we know and share good times.

Riding lieutenant - they throw the much wanted doubloons 

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