Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Easy day in Destin - Feb 2

Pam - So it looks like Phil agreed with Mike this morning and said there will not be 6 more weeks of winter (Mike says Phil hasn't seen his shadow 14% of the time)!  Anyway, today was a no travel day and we had a lazy start to the very cold morning!  Once we got moving, we decided to head west and check out Destin and maybe Ft. Walden.We left US 98 and started driving on beach roads and boy did we see some beautiful homes and hotels (all of which were hurricane proof - made of concrete).  The gulf was about 4 shades of blue and green!  There was a great biking/jogging trail which was very busy on a Saturday morning.  We got out of the jeep for awhile and walked along the white beach and Mike made friends with a Blue Heron.

Mike and his friend the Blue Heron

 We then walked on the Harbor Walk at the marina and stopped to have an awesome lunch at AJ's Oyster House.  Mike had a red bean and rice soup that cooked up his mouth and throat and a fish sandwich made with Basa fish.  I had 3 dozen steamed oysters that are from Apalachicola Florida.  They were to die for!!

Makes your mouth water doesn't it!!!
Anyway, with full bellies, we continued down the Harbor Walk and enjoyed the sunshine and views.

Part of the walk

In the marina there was a "pirate ship"

Note the huge condos in the background

Pirate ship
Emerald Grande - a huge condo/hotel that had  shops and restaurants  on the bottom floor

Okay, sometimes Mike gets a little crazy!

Tiki hut along the walk.
 So as you can see, we didn't get real wild and crazy today, but at least we didn't have SNOW like our families and neighbors!  And so after 3 months, we end our time in Florida because tomorrow the plan is to head into Alabama...... Of course today's southeast wind is changing back to a northwest wind for Mike's ride tomorrow - go figure!

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