Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Friday, March 29, 2013

San Antonio to Ulvalde, Texas March 22

We actually took a two day break to drive back to Houston to the dealer where we bought our new motor home on March 20 and 21. We had some things that needed to be done, as part of the deal, and the parts were in. We drove to Houston on Wednesday, and spent Wednesday night on the lot, plugged in to their electric, so they could begin work first thing Thursday morning. We had some body work done, as they buffed out a long scratch along the top of the passenger side, they installed two new slide toppers over our slides, and a guy came in and sewed and reinforced the stitching on the other two slide toppers and the main porch awning. We also had a latch repaired on the passenger seat. Now the new RV is just like new! While it was getting worked on, we took a little trip up the road a few miles to a town called the Woodlands. They had a small area called the Waterworks, that was designed to be similar to the Riverwalk in San Antonio. We walked around there for a while, ate at a great pizza joint in the Main Street shopping area, and window shopped around for a while. The whole area was very upscale and nice. We went into a store called Luke 's Locker, which sold running, biking and swimming (triathlon) gear. What a great place! They carried items that I just haven't seen in other fitness shops, and the staff was as friendly as they could be. We spent fifteen minutes or so chatting with three folks that worked there, and when they found out about our little biking/vacation/retirement adventure, they were very interested, as well as helpful. They gave us a half dozen free shirts, and told us about the Ironman Triathlon that they were helping with. I was shocked to find out it was the only full triathlon they do in the whole state of Texas. Luke's Locker is a chain in Texas, and if you ever get the chance, you need to visit and check out their line of goods.
68.5 miles in 5:04. We drove half way from Houston to San Antonio on Thursday evening, stayed in the parking lot of a H.E.B (Here Everything's Better) grocery store in Columbus, Texas. We got up and drove the last half of the trip Friday morning in a fog and drizzle, to San Antonio, almost to the exact spot where I left off with the ride last week. We stopped and as Pam and I had the traditional hug that we have before I leave for EVERY ride, the sun poked through the fog. Before the day was over, the temps were in the low 90's, and the sun was blasting. The wind was nonexistent, and it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day for a ride. The humidity lingers around 20% around here, even when there is fog I guess, and even though I did not sweat a drop, I lost 7-8 pounds on today's ride. I'm going to have to really hydrate well on warm days here, because the low humidity really sucks the juice out of you, without you even knowing it.
The ride was scenic and downright enjoyable. First of all, it was good to be back in the saddle after an extended stay in San Antonio. The scenery was very rolling, and agricultural. The small towns spaced along the way had a very western feel to them. The fields were planted, sprouting, and were being irrigated all around me. The irrigation availability was good to see, because this area is in a major drought. I think the crops I saw were mostly cotton, because there was a ton of it along the road from last year, and every once in a while, I'd see a small pile of white stuff in a field, and I KNOW it wasn't snow. I also saw lots of carrots along the road, along with some cabbage leaves. I must have crossed 20 named creeks and rivers today, and there was a trace of water in none, except one river, the Medina River. I crossed the Frio River, which is a pretty big recreational river, and it was bone dry. It cracked me up about a mile later, when I crossed a river called the Dry Frio River! It was drier than dry!
I saw three huge trains near the town of Hondo, and followed railroad tracks the entire length of today's ride. Some of the tanker cars said 'liquid corn product', so I figure it was corn syrup or something like that. I also got my first U S border patrol sighting, two vans along the road. Pam said she saw four border patrol trucks with a pick up that was pulled over, and she said she also saw them with a train that they stopped! We are getting close to Mexico however, and we were told they were everywhere . I got in at about five pm, after my late start, and we walked across the street to the Oasis Outback.It was like Cabela's with a restaurant, and I put a major hurting on the salad bar, and drank lots of water.

If you look closely, you will see a dark gray line travelling around the south.  That's Mike!  His Garmin (on his bike  - shows speed, elevation, etc) tracks every ride and we can print it out.  Unfortunately, I can't make the line red so it really sticks out!  This map is no longer up to date!

For our friends up north.....while we were walking in the Woodlands, their azaleas were in bloom!

And the iris!!!!

I think we are babying the bike a little too much!!!  While we drove back to Houston, it rode on our bed because he didn't want it to get road grime from riding on the back of the jeep.  Go figure!?

This is after leaving San Antonio and heading west.

It is very dry here.

Gotta love Texan humor!!

D' Hanis

Getting drier.....

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