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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Remember the Alamo! March 13

We found our way into downtown San Antonio for the day and did tourist things. We started the day by going to the Imax theatre and watching a movie about the Alamo. It was educational, even if Fess Parker or John Wayne wasn't in it! Its still spring break here, so everyone was in line to go inside the Alamo. It really didn't take that long, and when we got inside, it was a great experience. We spent quite a bit of the day inside learning all we could. We found out all sorts of things we didn't know. An interesting thing for me was the fact that there was a guy named Jim Rose who died in the battle ( which only lasted an hour and a half). Even more interesting was that there was one guy who didn't stay and fight. When given the opportunity to leave before the big battle, M Rose was the only guy who hightailed it instead of staying and fighting to the death. Good old Moses Rose tarnished my name at the Alamo, and I'm upset about it. He did have a bar named after him on Alamo Street, however. Moses Roses was the name of it, but we didn't go in.
After the Alamo, we cruised down a side street to the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum and spent the rest of the afternoon walking amongst dead animals that were each unique in their own way somehow. Also attached was the Texas Ranger Museum, so we cruised through that. The only person I had heard of in there was Bonnie And Clyde. A few Texas Rangers were in on their final battle, so they had a section on that.
The evening hours were spent walking along the River Walk, which I had always heard of, but I never imagined that it would be as neat as it was. The San Antonio River meanders its way through downtown, on a level below street level, and you can walk along the river on either side, on a path that is filled with shopping and restaurants and you can't really tell its even there from street level. It loops all around the downtown area, and much thought and originality was put into the plan to make the path, as well as attach all the hotels and businesses to it. There were many outdoor tables to eat right near the water, with pedestrian traffic just sort of mixed in with the seating areas. We found an Irish Pub that wasn't in the busiest section, but in a little quieter area, and did what people do in Irish Pubs. It was a long day, we fit a lot in, and enjoyed all of it.

Cactus plant on the Alamo compound

The Alamo

Courtyard at the Alamo

Another large cactus

Well at the Alamo

Cactus garden

Large monument in Alamo Square

Monument from a distance

No relation....

Hyenas at the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum

From the balcony of Buckhorn Saloon

Two wild BOARS!!!!!

Nice rack!

Statue in the museum

Mike doing what EVERY GUT did at the museum!  They all busted thru the swinging doors and swaggered away!! It was hysterical!

San Ferdinand Cathedral

One of the boats cruising along the river walk.

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