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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Feb 26 to March 2 Why did we go to Houston?

And what ended up happening there? We went to Houston because the ride into Winnie was so brutal, and the next day was going to be more of the same 30 mph winds. We went to Houston because we decided to start looking at motor homes, since ours is a 1999. Things are beginning to go bad (AC, jack seals, electrical malfunctions), so we thought we would start to look around, and there was a big dealer in Houston. I hadn't planned on riding through Houston, so I thought it would be a good chance to see the BIG Houston, instead of the little one we call home.
Before we walked out of the dealer, we had bought a new (used) motor home. WOW. I'm gonna let Pam tell you about how one thing led to another, and we ended up upgrading to a diesel powered, 42 foot, riding Taj Mahal. The basic outline of our days went like this: Feb 26--trip to Houston in Jeep. Feb 27 shopping for King bed sheets (moving from Queen to King bed)  Feb 28--driving motor home to Houston for trade in, walk through, test drive, lots of paper work, and begin the process of moving all our stuff to new coach. Eating dinner at Papasitos, including margaritas, fajitas, retried beans, and a bunch of Tex-Mex. March 1--beginning before 8 am until we finished at nine pm, we transferred everything from one rig to the other. March 2-- we finished cleaning up and getting ready to travel. We went to hook up the Jeep and realized that the hitch was too low for a jacked up Jeep. We went on a mad hunt for an adaptor, which ended up in a harrowing beat-the-clock ride through Houston to Katy, Texas to get the part at a Camping World before they closed on a Saturday night.One more night in the RV dealership parking and finally Sunday morning we roll. It was a whirlwind, but we are ready to pull outta here and get back to vacation!

Pam - Okay, I won't bore you with all of the details, but we were just looking at motorhomes and somehow, we stumbled on this beautiful 2009 Monaco Camelot and well, the rest is history!  We knew that we wanted to have multiple slides, diesel, and I was willing to go a little shorter than our 37 footer.  And so we ended up with 4 slides, diesel, and 42 feet!  Mike says we can set up a pool table or have a soccer game in the living room!!  Anyway, she's a beauty!  Transferring was a little tense, there was alot of "stuff" to move, we both got a little edgy as we got tired, but hey, we're still married and we are smiling now.  Saying goodbye to the old Pace Arrow was tough - she was a beauty and we had a lot of great memories.  Soccer and hockey tournaments, trips to the beach and Mike and Buddy going to the Salt Lake City Olympics and most of all, Simba (our old, deceased dog) travelling with us.  For Mike, the hardest part was saying goodbye to the Mountaineer on the back of the rig!

Saying goodbye to the Mountaineer.  I promised him that I will get him a new decal.

Our new baby!

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