Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Exercising the Jeep!!!! April 29-30

April 29 - So, after a little discussion last night, Mike and I decided to leave the motorhome at Kentucky Horse Park and drive the Jeep 350 miles to our hometown to see our son coach his girls track team in the team play-offs.  We would drive all day today (with some rain and wind), catch the meet tomorrow, and then drive back to Lexington the next morning.  We made good time, surprised some neighbors (Cyndi!!) who thought we were still in Kentucky (well we kinda were still there...), opened our mail and were able to take the boy out for a nice dinner.  The weather report for the next day wasn't nice, rain, wind, storms. but we were all ready for a great meet!

April 30 - Until 8am when I received the text message from our son telling me that the meet has been postponed until next Thursday (May 8).  So after talking about it for a few minutes, we packed up the Jeep and headed back to Lexington!!!  We got to drive through the wind and the heavy rains for awhile, but the weather was nice when we got back to the Horse Park!  While we were driving, we decided that we would head into Louisville on Thursday to attend the Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade!

Sorry!  No pictures!!!

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