Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
Mesa to OBX

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Garage Sale, and the final seven miles. May 15-21

May 15-21.....29 miles in 2:30....The week was spent in Claysville, at the National Pike Festival Days on US 40, preparing for a two day sale of items from my parents and grandparents estate, which was very successful, and the cleanup. I did manage to squeeze in a ride that included that final seven miles from the bike trail on Rt. 980, to the front door. It also included PA 50 to Washington, and some back roads back home, to make a loop, which I've done before. The ride was not as easy as I had hoped, as my legs didn't feel as good as I wanted them to. Worse, however, was that during the ride, I knew what was around the next bend, which really takes some of the fun out of the ride. I am spoiled that way, and not ready to give it up. I felt most alive when I was riding on roads that I had never been on before, and might never be on again. Today's ride included a close call with a triaxle pulling a trailer, and a kid yelling out his window at me. I caught him at the Hickory, PA firehouse, and had a few choice words for him. He respectfully listened to the speech that I had been rehearsing for 15,000 miles to give to someone who deserved it. He was really a respectful kid, even though he did yell at me  'that I belonged on a bike trail,' so I toned it down a little, and hopefully he learned something. I am not real happy about riding around here, but I will do it to stay in shape until I can ride off to somewhere else.

We are in town for a week and already Mike's picture is in the paper!!  The paper was showing some of the more unusual items found at the flea market!!!  Not sure if the unusual item was Mike or the bull and matador!!!

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