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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade - May 1

May 1 - The parade wasn't scheduled to start until 5:00pm, but we wanted to get to Louisville early enough to stroll around for awhile and find the parade route.  Lexington is only about 70 miles away from Louisville, so it was an easy drive and we found our parade route very easily!  With a few hours to kill, we wandered the streets and discovered that many of the local businesses were closing by 2 so their workers could get out of the area.  Derby week is a big thing to these folks!!  Yesterday was boat races, the day before was bed races.  Today is the Pegasus Parade, tomorrow is the Kentucky Oaks (where the fillies run for the lillies!) and then Saturday is THE DERBY!

So we picked our seats on the curb and waited for the start of the parade.  While we waited, a grandma and her granddaughter sat next to us and told us all about Derby Week.  And convinced us to go to Churchill Downs tomorrow for the Kentucky Oaks (I had wanted to go all along but Grandma convinced Mike that it was a must see!)

So the parade started on time, but then part way in, it stalled for almost a half hour!  Turns out that the Pegasus balloon had a bit of a problem, deflated a wing and had to have it tied it up!  You'll understand when you see the pictures!  All in all, it was a nice parade with ALOT of beautiful horses!  It also had 2 marching bands from our hometown of Pittsburgh!!

This is a clock that has characters that race around the track twice a day.

Fourth Street in Louisville is the big happening place with bars and fancy restaurants.  Derby week they have big stages in the streets with bands playing.

One of the upscale restaurants on Fourth Street

It's a Kentucky thing!

Just like the Rose Parade, they had bleacher seating that you could buy.  Unlike the Rose, they were just little bleachers!

There were these huge banners on many of the buildings.  They were famous people from Louisville - like Diane Sawyer.

There was very heavy security both on the ground and on top of the buildings.

Sheriffs department

This was the coolest looking horse!  And he knew it!  You should have seen him prance down the street!
Finally! Here comes Pegasus!

With one wing!

The wind was insane and the handlers were struggling with Pegasus.

His legs were all over the place

His poor wing was all wrapped up!

And a little Pegasus!

University of Louisville marching band

North Allegheny marching band from Pittsburgh!  What a surprise!  Later on we also Mars HS too!

Miniature horses and wagon

After the parade, we walked down to the Ohio River to check it out.

The water was a little high (remember it's been raining alot)

Mohammad Ali

Derby week!

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