Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Goodbye to Buddy, bicycling Great Falls with Pam Aug 14

We got up at five am to get Buddy to the airport, Great Falls International, for his seven am flight. It was a sad day for all, because Buddy is going back to prepare for work, and Pam and I are really going to miss his unique ability to be our son. As Bud would say, 'Who?' He's a good kid and we enjoyed his company for the last five and a half weeks.
Pam and I came home, and slept for a few more hours, before biking along the bike trail to a good bike shop in town. We got a new back tire put on her bike, and I bought a bigger travel bag to put on the back of my bike. I already have the saddlebag hangers, but I don't need the whole pannier setup that I have, and the bag hanging from my seat is just too small.. What I do need is just a little more room than I had for rain gear, cool weather gear, snacks,an tire tube, road tools, etc. the bag is also more aerodynamic than side bags, and won't catch near as much cross wind.
 We then headed east along the Missouri River, and we saw a couple of the hydro dams and waterfalls that make this area famous, went to the Lewis and Clark National Interpretive  Center, where I learned more about the Lewis and Clark expedition than I ever thought I'd know (we are attending the University of Retirement, as Pam says). then we went through Giant Spring State Park, where one of the largest springs in the country boils out of the ground and runs in the worlds shortest river ( The Roe River), into the Missouri. The spring is pure, is the size of a regulation basketball court, and runs at 54 degrees year round, which was a great place for animals, Indians, settlers, and everyone else in this area. We ended up riding about twenty miles on a perfect afternoon.

Rainbow Falls 

Louis and Clark

There were a ton of birds on the Roe River, including white pelicans

Part of the Giant Spring - water was so clear

Another one of the falls, that had very little water going over since it was being redirected for hydroelectric use.

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