Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gardiner, Montana to Livingston, Montana Aug 8

August 8-----52.74 miles in 4:52. Brutal is all I have say about this ride. We had a basically downhill trip, following the Yellowstone River, which runs south to north, just like we were traveling. Buddy decided to do the full ride with me, and ended up riding 52.74 into a stiff headwind. We took turns leading, but drafting really wasn't making it work any better. We rode through the Paradise Valley, with mountains all around us, on US 89. The shoulder and surface were fine, traffic was manageable, and the weather was beautiful. But, the only thing that stands out is the wind. I haven't ridden into a headwind like that since I was in Arizona, and Buddy never has in his life. It was so loud in our ears that we had to converse at the top of our lungs. There were only two, very small towns on the stretch, so it was sort of desolate. As we rolled into Livingston, we both had the feeling that we were just happy to be done. 53 miles with a total descent of 800 ft just shouldn't be that hard.
Once into Livingston, we went into town. Livingston is a town of about 7-8000 people, and had a nice downtown area. We had a nice dinner in a historical restaurant with an elk mount hanging right above my head, and pictures of the Northern Pacific Railway all over the walls. Livingston is the birthplace of Calamity Jane, and several movies (Horse Whisperer) have been made here. Jimmy Buffet also speaks of it in a couple of songs. But it seems to be most famous for its fly fishing on the Yellowstone River. It is home to national fly fishing organizations, and entire stores dedicated to fly fishing. As Buddy and I rode, we saw many guided fly fishing trips everywhere on the Yellowstone River. 
After we ate, we took an hour or two, and just walked around town, checking it all out. We checked out Sacajawea Park, and the high school, as well as residential and downtown areas. It was a nice walk, and time for conversation, and just enjoying the Montana outdoors.

Think this is enough hay for the winter???

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