Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Friday, Aug 2----24.44 in 2:07

Today became a day of rest and downtime. Pam needed to get a bunch of things done, and she was feeling a little under the weather, so we all just slept in, and started out slowly. About one in the afternoon Buddy and I decided to do a little ride, and rode out Buffalo Valley Road, off of the main drag, just to see what was there. We rolled up and down with  mild hills most of the way. We had mountains on our left going out, but to the right was a great view of a valley with a river going through it, plenty of cattle and horse ranches, and several guest ranches, that looked like they were mainly for hunting season and snowmobile season. We also saw a bald eagle circling overhead for a short time.  Fall and winter seems to be bigger in this section between Teton and Yellowstone parks than summer tourism. And there is not much else here. We came to the end of the paved road at a pretty big ranch, with cabins and a campground, but it was under renovations for the fall season. We just turned around and headed back the way we came, and I was happy with a little 25 miler, and Buddy was too. After a lazy day, for Bud and I anyhow, we bought some fire wood, got the tripod grill out for the first time on our trip, and Pam made a London Broil with the fixins, and we spent the evening around the fire, as the temperatures plummeted down into the low 40's, just like they have been doing every night since we've been here. Great sleeping weather.

One of the many Magpies that live around here

Post meal relaxation

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