Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Mexico rt 9 to Columbus New Mexico April 7

April 7. 39.14 in 4:18. All I have to say about this trip is that the biggest gust was supposedly 44 mph in my face. The other 4:17 wasn't that strong, but it was a battering ride into Columbus. The advisories had been posted for the next three days for wind, dust, and fire hazards. Pam dropped me off at the place I left off the other day, and went ahead to the Pancho Villa state park, and spent the afternoon waiting to see if I was going to make it, while she checked out the history of the place. I had heard of Pancho Villa, but had no clue who he was. It turns out that he was the last foreign wacko to invade the United States, in 1916. He was a general in the Mexican army, who attacked a fort, right here in Columbus, and killed 18 Americans. His problem was that we killed 90 Mexicans, and he hightailed it back to Mexico. Nobody is even sure why he attacked, as he really wasn't on good terms with the government of Mexico, so they weren't a part of it. They think maybe he was just hungry, and saw the fort as easy pickins.
My day in Columbus wasn't as bad as ol' Pancho's, but I'm not going back there either, so we have something in common! Rt. 9 is within a half mile of the Mexican border, and I could actually look to my left and see the fence line on the border, in places. It was Sunday morning, and there were very, very few cars on the road, not even border patrol. I did see a road runner, which was cool, until Pam told me she saw tons of them at the state park (I didn't see any by the time I got there). I also saw a dead coyote along the side of the road, as well as a lot of coyote tracks, and digging marks near the roots of some mesquite trees where they were looking for moisture. I also saw some poop! It was a slow day.

Okay, now here's the challenge for you!  If you look at the fence (actually a dark line) in the high middle of the picture, that's the Mexican border.  It IS NOT the fence in the foreground.  Do you see it???

Our campsite in Poncho Villa State Park

Looking at the cactus gardens at Poncho Villa SP.  Actually, we were looking for road runners!  

Cool cactus!  It has a bird nest in the center.  We are really making you folks work hard with these pictures!!!

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