Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 13- Recovering in Alpine.

We had a sleep in day today, but were up at 7:30, because of these crazy time changes. We laid around and read some, then headed out to explore. We took the Jeep out for a ride through the mountains to check out the forest fire damage from 2011. A fire, started by a camper accidentally, burned over 800,000 acres. The devastation was amazing to see, and the recovery is ongoing. Some of those wiped out mountains will not recover in our lifetime.
We also spent some time with a couple that were monitoring a bald eagle nest in our campground. They had a section of the park closed off because there were chicks in the nest a few days ago, but they are now thinking the worst, as one adult, and the chicks have not been spotted since a big wind event a few days ago. We got to look through a telescope at the nest, and we also watched through the scope as the lone adult eagle ate a duck on the other side of the lake. We talked to the monitors and learned a lot about eagles, as well as the local area, including the fire that came through. The day ended at a local restaurant, sitting near a local citizen with his cowboy hat, huge belt buckle, and pistol holstered at his side. We know that we are not in Houston PA anymore.

In front of Luna Lake

In front of the Bear Wallow, the restaurant where we had dinner.

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