Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
Mesa to OBX

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Flagstaff to Williams, Arizona April 26.

With my little cruise around town yesterday, and the trip to Williams today, I had about 50 miles in four hours. The trip to Williams was all on Interstate 40. The shoulders were pretty bumpy, and of course littered with recap and tire debris, not terrible, just enough so I had to focus on my tires, not any scenery that was going by. The trip began what will be an eventual descent from the Mogollon Rim, and the 7000 ft elevation that we have been at for quite a while. I-40 was quick and easy, but definitely not my preferred method of travel. Traffic wasn't too busy, and once again I did not have the dreaded wind out of the west that I have been so concerned about. The body count in twenty some miles of I-40 was seven dead elk, and two dead coyotes or foxes.
When I cruised into Williams, I picked up the famous Rt. 66. For those that don't remember the 1960's TV show about it ( I got my kicks on Route 66!), this road was the main way to get from Chicago to Los Angeles. In 1968 when my family drove to California ( I was in the eighth grade), we drove on Route 66 through the Painted Desert and on to the Mojave Desert, so I had been in this town 45 years ago, even though we probably blew right through it. Williams was the last town on the route to be bypassed by I-40, in 1984. The town was all about the 50's, 60's, and 70's, complete with restored buildings, old cars, lots of old music, and a ton of old timers on motorcycles trying to relive a slice of their youth. Pam and I walked the town, and ate at a classic 66 diner associated with the Grand Canyon Brewery. Weather was nice, as we are already noticing warmer temps as we gradually descend, and spring warmth is starting to prevail.

Are they real or carved???? Only Mike knows!

Hey Daddy!  We have our own town!!

Looking down Route 66!

Indian shop that had 6 carved figures (the one in the middle isn't carved!! HAHA)

This has been the story of our travels for the last 2 weeks!

I talked Mike out of buying this shirt!  I told him it was for the bikers (motorcycle) not him!
At the restaurant, we had a sampler to taste all their different beers.

Last town to be bypassed by I-40.

Route 66!

Outdoor cafe where we had dinner.

In front of our cafe - route 66, the "Mother Road".

Hanging out with Elvis!

Every building had a plaque that told about the history of building.  The Sultana is still a bar.

Hanging with my bear - my teddy bear was taking the picture!

Mike's favorite place with its "old school" sign!

Sunsets are beautiful out here

After dinner and walking around, we were pretty cold so we went back and enjoyed the  hot tub!

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