Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Columbus NM to Deming NM April 8

30 miles in 2:15. I woke up early in the morning, and noticed the wind wasn't really blowing. The advisories said that it was all going to fire up again between 11 and noon. I decided to make a run for the next town, which was 30 miles north. Today ends our western migration, because it is now time to head north (northwest really), generally towards the Grand Canyon, and towards the northwest for the summer months. I may not dip my tire in the Pacific until Oregon or Washington somewhere this fall, and then head south on the California coastline, for a winter in Southern California or Arizona. This is not the plan we had when we started, but it has just sort of developed over time. Anyhow..... The wind was out of the southwest, and it was a tailwind in places, instead of the headwind of yesterday when I was heading north. What a difference! The ride was enjoyable, the scenery somehow better than yesterday. There was always a ranch or something to look at, and some irrigation allowed for farming, which sort of surprised me, considering the desert conditions I've been in. As I rode I could also see the telltale sandy colored sky and clouds ahead, and I knew the dust storm was in my future. It was fantastically lucky timing, as about three miles away from the next campground in Deming, I got blasted by the first wall of dust. I made it to the campground before Pam did, because of the tailwind, but thank God I didn't have to go any further. The wind and dust got so bad that visibility was bad, and the air was just filled with dust that coated everything, and stuck like like a grimy coating.
We went to Walmart, stocked up on groceries, ate lunch ate the salad bar at a local place called Rancher's, and got back to the RV to find no electricity . After trying everything possible, we took the RV to a repair shop in town, and found that we had a faulty plug on our line going out of the rig to the campground electricity. A little shout out to Jimmy's RV Repair in Deming, NM.  They were willing to have us come in when it was their closing time!  As they said, "We can't have you spending the night without electricity!"  Thank goodness that it was an easy fix, and we settled in to watch Dancing with the Stars, and the NCAA basketball championship game. There is no game plan for tomorrow, because we are going to wait and see what the weather brings.

The winds were incredible as the evening wore on.  I woke up at 3am to the motorhome shaking and the winds howling!  Crazy!

Finally got a good picture of a dust funnel.  Now tell me this doesn't look like a tornado?!!

Rode past this place - condos with a private airstrip

Just liked the paint job!  Go WVU!

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