Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Vero Beach to Zolfo Springs Florida

Vero Beach to Zolfo Springs/Wauchula Fla- Nov 29 Today I continue zigzagging across the state of Florida. Our next campground is an Escapee place 50 miles from Bradenton on the Gulf Coast.  The campgrounds on the Atlantic side are more than twice as expensive as this one, and we are planning on being there a while, so its worth the trip.  I rode 110.8 miles in beatiful sunshine, with a cooperative wind in about 7 hours. My century was in 6:28, which is pretty good for an old guy. My odometer also turned over 1500 miles since I left N Carolina. Wildlife was the theme of the day, as I saw my first live armadillo (Ive seen dozens of dead ones), another alligator, this time from more of a distance, and 8 wild pigs. My camera foiled the attempt to get a good picture of the pigs, as I accidently turned it off while I was trying to zoom. I hate when that happens!
View from the motorhome.  These are trailers loaded with oranges!

Look on the right side - wild pigs are between the trees.


Much of the trip was watching for the dozens of loaded and unloaded orange trucks flying by, and startling the many cattle who were close to the road on their ranches, but were not used to being talked to by a bicyclist in neon orange.  They ranches were unique to me in that many of the cows were shading themselves under a palm tree that was growing on the range. What a life!
     One mistake I did make was not stopping for water in the one gas station town of Yeehaw Junction.

 There was much desolation on this trip, and I have to be more aware of taking advantage of opportunities on these 80 degree days. By the time I got to Frostproof, Fla, I stopped at the first little store I saw. It was a dive run by a very talkative Hispanic lady, who was impressed by my story, so she gave me a free Moonpie to have with my Poweraid. After biting in to it I realized why she gave it to me. The freshdate had expired 6 months ago. It was very chewy and dry, but I ate it, which just proves that I have never met a Moonpie that I didn't like!

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