Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Still in Wauchula/Zolfo Springs!

Pam - Don't know if we mentioned it before, but we have been having trouble with the jeep.  Sometimes it shakes and shudders - Mike thought it was the transmission - and it really was a rough ride to Kennedy Space Center.  So we went to the jeep dealer in Wauchula and asked them to take a look.  Not good news!  Every U joint is a mess, the rear end is in bad shape (I feel its pain!) and the shop manager told us not to drive fast or far because the steering could go at any time!  And our plan was to pull out of SKP Resort today so we could hook up with Mike's old roommate (who lives in Jupiter) on Saturday. Wrong!  The jeep parts were ordered yesterday with hopes that they will all be in by Monday, then two days worth of work (and LOTS of $) and the jeep should be ready to roll sometime Wednesday.  So, after much discussion, we settled on Mike riding his bike to Okeechobee today, staying in a motel tonight and then riding on to Jupiter tomorrow.  He's going to spend a few days with his friend and then start heading south on Tuesday.  I'm staying at the campground until the jeep is ready and then I will roll Wednesday afternoon (I hope), go as far as I can before dark, and then Thursday I'll roll on down to the Keys.  Hopefully, I will pass Mike on the way!  I'm going to check on the jeep on Tuesday just in case so maybe I can hook up with Mike early.

Only one more week until Buddy flies into Key West!  I'm looking forward to seeing him and celebrating Christmas in the warm sun!

Oh!  And tonight I baked Christmas cookies!  Thank heavens for cookie dough in a tub!

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