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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, December 3, 2012

SKP Resort, Wauchula Florida

SKP resort, Zolfo Springs, Fla  This is another campground that is part of the Escapes Parks program.  It is a beautiful campground with lovely people.
Nov 30. I took a day off and laid around the pool. I did learn something today though. I was out walking the perimeter of the campground, and I had an orange that I had picked. I stopped to talk to a milk cow, and about 20 cows started walking towards me. As it turns out , they wanted the orange I was carrying! Cows love oranges! It must be the forbidden fruit. I picked about a half dozen and fed them to different cows. They snarfed them right up and wanted more. I figure that the owner of the orange tree and the owner of the cows wouldnt see how the cows enjoyed them, so I stopped short of giving every cow an orange, but it was a learning experience!
 Dec. 1 I went out on an easy ride and explored the two towns in the area as well as some country roads. Idid about 32 miles, not always knowing where I was, but I successfully navigated a loop course that I invented as I went.  That evening, we watched the Christmas parade in Wauchula in 70 degree temperature.
The Grinch in the Christmas Parade.

Dec.2 I took a ride  today on a loop course through Ona and Arcadia  that went about 54 miles and took about 3:45, just cruising thru the countryside. It was very uneventful, lotsa orange groves and cattle ranches. The most interesting thing I saw was the Limestone Country Club. It was a shack out in the middle of nowhere with outdoor tables and motorcyclists were hanging out there drinking on a Sunday afternoon. It reminded me a little of Shuba deer shop, and was a very unexpected sight. I waved to everyone as I went by, and no one waved back, because I think I was also a very unexpected and unusual sight.

Our campsite at the SKP Resort

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