Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Friday, November 16, 2012

St. Augustine


Pam -
We arrived at the St. Augustine KOA on November 13 and spent two days touring.  The weather was cold and rainy the first day, but we had a great time touring in the green and orange trolley and checking out the town.  That way we could see everything first and then decide what we would like to go back and tour or visit. We toured the town jail and the fort.

Mike in jail.....

Castillo de San Marcos (National Historical site)

Mike trying to stay out of the wind!

 Later we had dinner and sangria on the balcony of a quaint little resturant on historical St. George street.

Day 2 - We went back into town and toured the old Ponce de Leon hotel (now Flagler College) and the old Alcazar hotel (Lightner museum) - both buildings were built by old multi-millionaire Henry Flagler.  They were beautiful!

Old City gates in St. Augustine

You know who!!!!


 Lightner Museum - old Alcazar Hotel

Mike and his classy friend!  (It was Cleopatra)

Then we toured the old Ponce de Leon hotel which is now part of Flagler College (named after Henry Flagler who built the hotel).  I don't have many pictures because I was too busy just looking!

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Fountain in front of hotel.  Each frog is in a different pose and represent the 12 months.  The 4 turtles represent the 4 months.


When you walk into the lobby, this is what you see!  The ceiling is painted in gold leaf.

The old dining room of the hotel is now the college dining hall!

The lady's sitting room has a marble fireplace with this clock made out of the world's largest piece of white onyx.  Thomas Edison planned all the electric for the hotel including this clock.  He signed the clock by making the Roman numeral 4 like this IIII rather than IV!  That little stinker!  As you can see, this hotel was for the super rich, not the common man.  To make it easier for the rich to come to St. Augustine, Flagler built a rail road through Florida (all the way to Key West!)

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