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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Pam - Oct 30 - moving on to Savannah....but first I have to make a pitstop at Low Country RV Repair (I strongly recommed the place) to have my lights fixed on the jeep.  What we discover is that the guy at Akron Camping World, who did the original installation of my tow package (including Invisabrake) did it wrong, and the wiring is all messed up for the jeep light.  After alot of patience and experimenting, we got the light straightened out - and this is when we discovered that the brake pumps when the flashers are on.  Good thing there is a Camping World in Savannah!

Anyway, after repairs, I'm off to Savannah and set up camp again.

Oct 31 - Halloween in Savannah! We went into Savannah to take the driving/walking tour.  Got to see the many town squares, beautiful homes, the river walk and of course the cemetery.  Of course we had to be tourists and have lunch at The Pirates House.

We also went into the Cathedral of St. John, what a beautiful church!

Back of cathedral


After much discussion, we decide to stay downtown and do the ghost tour, and have a few drinks - Hey! It is halloween!

Halloween on the River Walk


Tanker on Savannah River

Nov 1 - Mike wanted to take a road trip to Hilton Head, so off we went.  Personally, I wasn't really thrilled with HH.  Talk about rules for their beaches and bath house?!! 
They even have rugs down so you don't get sandy feet as you walk to beach!  Really??
 Nov 2 - Road trip to Camping World for Invisabrake work.  Of course before we could leave the campground, one of the coach batteries started leaking!  Anyway, CW was VERY helpful and got everything fixed for us.  Two new coach batteries and $400 later, we were back on the road to the campground.  Unfortunately, when I tried to put down the jacks, they wouldn't go down. BACK to CW we go!  They needed to file down the terminals and cables and we were in business!  After all of that, we went back to the campground and just relaxed in the sunshine!  Then we went down to the river walk for dinner and drinks.  And fireworks!
Spooky nights in Savannah!  And it wasn't even Halloween!

Nov 3 - Easy day in Savannah.  We just stayed in the campground.  I just got to work on a lot of motor home projects that I haven't had time other days...  Watched the WVU game, and we just lost..... 

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