Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
Mesa to OBX

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 9 - Pacific, MO to Greenfield, IN

June 9 - 300 miles
The morning started out with questions as to whether I would be able to get the motorhome out of Jellystone, well I did!  The most exciting part was when I got to the top of the campground and had to make a very sharp left turn with no swing room (and towing the jeep so backing up was ruled out).  Fortunately as I was making the sharp turn a man walking around the campground was able to help me by telling me how close I was getting to the stone wall.  After the turn, it was all down hill, really, the driveway was a steep, twisty downhill!

Next challenge was driving through St Louis!  I timed it so I would hit it after rush hour - smart move!  There still was a lot of traffic, and shifting of lanes but I made it through with little stress!  When I crossed the Mississippi River, it didn't look like it was flooded, but it was muddy, but that is it's M.O.  As soon as I crossed the river I was in Illinois and I was now on I-70.  Pennsylvania people, don't worry, I-70 is just as bad out here as it is in Pennsylvania.  And there was construction on and off all through the state of Illinois!  I spent a lot of time in single lanes, so obviously it slowed me down - that's why I only traveled 300 miles today.  I spent a lot of time today traveling through the farm lands - but a lot of the fields were flooded.  Streams were over their banks and corn stuck up out of "ponds".

Today was all about timing - I timed out St Louis, and I thought that I timed out Indianapolis.  Until I crossed from Illinois into Indiana and the it became eastern time.  That meant I was no longer going through Indianapolis at 3:30 but instead it would be 4:30!  Not good!  Anyway, I survived it!  I-70 joins and leaves quite a few other highways as it passes through the town, I had people merging on from the right and the left but I just kept plugging along with the 18 wheelers!  Traffic came to an almost stand still at one point because of a broken down truck in my lane (of course)! But while I was at a stand still, I did get to see where the Indianapolis Colts play football!  Sorry no pictures!  Once I finally got through Indianapolis, I soon got to the town of Greenfield where I planned on spending the night at the KOA.  Tomorrow should get me back home if all goes well.  I still have to get through Dayton and Columbus, Ohio and then Wheeling West Virginia and then home!  Thanks for sharing this journey with me!

The famous arch in St Louis

Settled in for the night!

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