Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 5 - Holbrook, AZ to Acoma, NM

June 5 - What a difference 24 hours makes!  Yesterday it was in the 90's, this morning it's 54 and raining as I getting ready to leave!  I had another late start today, 10:45, because I was having problems with my riding lights and tail lights.  Yesterday I had a fuse blow, causing the lights to fail.  This happened in Texas while Mike and I were traveling to Arizona.  We were told it was because of a new cable that attaches to the jeep.  Since the cable is new, it is tight and it supposedly pulls on the outlet, causing the short that blows the fuse. Unfortunately, we didn't ask the repairman what fuse he replaced!  So, this morning I had to wait for Monaco (our motorhome make) hotline to open (they are on Pacific time), then I called them, waited in line and then the techie told me which fuse to replace.  Bingo!  I'm in business again.  I'm now carrying extra fuses just in case and I know which one to change.  Anyway, I finally get on the road and it proceeds to rain most of the day.  When I stopped to fuel up, I changed from shorts to jeans and turned on the cab heater!  Geez!  By the way, I paid $2.81 a gallon for diesel fuel in New Mexico!  I'm not complaining!!!

My whole trip today was on I-40.  I must say, the road is pretty good and scenery is awesome!  Since the 2+ years that we have traveled the west, today was the first time I have ever seen water in the washes!  Mike has always said he wanted to see it, well I did!  The narrow washes were actually flowing, the big washes were just starting to fill.  For those who don't know, a wash is like a bone dry riverbed.  People drive their 4x4s in them and they are just sandy.  Anyway, the rain just stayed with me today and the winds started whipping.  I had decisions to make because, a) I had a late start, b) I lost an hour since I left AZ and now I'm in mountain time,  c) if I went an hour further, I was going to be in a stretch of land with no campgrounds - so I decided to quit early (4pm) in Acoma, NM at the Sky City Casino RV park.  Paid $20 for a full hookup, pull thru site (can't beat that!).  I had skipped lunch, so I went to the casino and enjoyed their seafood buffet and made a small donation to the casino - that's my nice way of saying I lost a small amount on the slots!  Came back home, had a nice shower and I'm relaxing and typing up my blog entry.

By the way, the casino is owned/run by the Acoma Pueblo people.  Yesterday I forgot to mention that I had traveled through an Apache reservation and last night I stayed in and today traveled through the Navajo nation.

Back of the jeep for the trip home!  My plants survived my 5 weeks absence due to my wonderful neighbor who took care of them through the 90+ weather!  Thanks Wade!

This was stamped into the sidewalk in Holbrook.  My campground was by the historical Route 66!

Traveling down I-40 and heading into this!

A little of the landscape and the weather in Arizona

And yes, I was keeping an eye out for funnel clouds.  Even though there was no forecast for tornadoes!!

And then I get to the campground in New Mexico, and I get this!!!

But we did have a pretty sunset!

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