Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, June 8, 2015

June 7 - Amarillo, TX to Tulsa, OK

June 7 - 376 miles - So, before I start talking about today, I have to tell something that I forgot about yesterday!  A few miles into Texas, I started picking up giant windmills.  So I checked the mile marker and tried to figure out how far I drove  along side those buggers!  Turns out it was 31 miles of windmills!  How could I forget that last night???

Now on to Sunday!  I got an early start and had very little traffic until late afternoon.  As soon as I left Amarillo city limits, I started to see windmills again and lots of flooding.  I had forgotten that this area was pounded with rain a week or so ago!  Fields were flooded, in fact at times I thought they were ponds until I noticed the tops of fence posts sticking out of the water.  The rest of the Texas panhandle wasn't too exciting - just alot of fields, cows and not much else!  Oklahoma is pretty flat, with fields, cows and small towns!  All in all today was an easy drive with flat or slightly rolling roads, and few people on the roads!  Except for Oklahoma City!  I got there during the afternoon when people were out moving around and I had to do alot of quick lane changes since I was leaving I-40 and getting onto I-44 via I-35.  It was one of those take a ramp, drive for a mile or two, take another ramp, drive another mile or two, take a ramp - well you know what I mean!  And at times we were 6 lanes across and people (in pick-up trucks) merging and changing lanes at 100mph!!!  A five foot gap between cars?  Heck I can stick my pick-up in there!  Geez!  Anyway, I just kept plugging along and came out the other side of Oklahoma City and kept on rolling!  Tulsa was pretty easy, and I'm spending the night on the east side of town at the Hard Rock Casino (Cherokee Indian Tribe).  Last year when Mike and I came through here, this is where we camped, so I figured might as well stay again!  Steak dinner, a beer and I came out ahead on the slots!  Good evening!  Tomorrow is my day in Missouri.  I start the day in Joplin, and will stop early on the west side of St Louis.  I will be hitting St Louis around evening rush hour, so I'm going to wait and try to go through at a better time on Tuesday.

Just outside of Amarillo

Eastern Texas panhandle - looking pretty flat

Oklahoma - yup, it's pretty flat

Saw alot of fields like this - I think it was wheat

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

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