Mesa to Pitt 2015

Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Viva Las Vegas! Part two

Pam - Alright then!  Time to finish the pictures and then I can post Mike's posts that are sitting in the draft mode!

At the Luxor

The Luxor - this is all inside the pyramid!

This dragon was in a shop in the Excalibur - he even breathed smoke, but I  couldn't catch him in the act!

Looking over at New York New York and it's roller coaster

Monte Carlo casino

The Monte Carlo

Mandarin Oriental

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas

The Venetian

One of the showgirls from our show at Planet Hollywood

I can't remember which lobby this is!!!

BUT I think it might be the Bellagio!

Sorry about all the dancing water shots, but I LOVED to watch the waters!

The Mirage is famous for it's volcano.  This is before it starts to go off.

The volcano is starting to bubble.

Starting to blow!

There it goes!

They even show the lava flowing!

For our last night in Vegas, we went to the Fremont Street Experience.  It is old Vegas with alot of old casino signs.  Instead of destroying the signs when the casinos were torn down, they kept them and displayed them on Fremont Street.  This is the ruby slipper.

Inside the Golden Nugget, they had a pool and waterslide.  The slide finished by going thru a giant aquarium that had sharks!  Look at the center of the picture and you can see the clear tube used in the slide!  How cool is that?!

The aquarium is located in the center of the pool and had a waterfall (on the right side)

On the right, you can see the start of the waterslide.

Fremont Street has a covering that goes right up the street for blocks.  Every hour they had a laser/music show on the roof.

Laser show

There were four bands playing up and down Fremont Street.  Locals were dancing and trying to get tips when these three little blond kids (visiting with there parents) started to dance and tore it up!

This show was all Doors music, so they had Jim Morrison on the roof.

More lasers

I had to do my nightly $5 at the slots.  After this triple 7's, I cashed out with $5.60!  Woo hoo!

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  1. We rode that water slide in the Golden Nugget. Three times! It was amazing. You should have done it.