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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Road trip on Route 66 to Oatman May 2

As we mentioned before, we had a little problem with the Jeep overheating, so it spent the day in the shop getting fixed.  After picking up the Jeep, we decided to check it out with a road trip on Rt 66 to Oatman.  Oatman is another "ghost town" where a few people still live and own small shops and bars.  Previously we were warned not to drive the motor home up to Oatman - now we know why!  The road is twisting switchbacks alongside the mountains with occasional guardrails, more often drop offs.  There are still working mines up near Oatman, and there are burros wandering all over the place!  When the old mines shut down, the miners just set their burros free, and now they live wild up in the mountains.  They kinda run the town of Oatman since you can't bother them - there was burro poop all over the town, even on the boardwalk.

Route 66 climbing up the mountain to Oatman, Arizona

Looking down the main street (also Rt 66) of Oatman

Outdoor safe where they locked up gold

One of the residents of Oatman!

No, it was not tied up here, just wandering!

Highway is a bit of an exaggeration!

Another cool cactus

Not his size!

This is for our daughter, Andi Rose Barrett!  This was carved into a prickly pear cactus!  

On the boardwalk

Coming back down the mountain we stopped at an old mine entrance.

Parked along old route 66

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