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Mesa to Pitt 2015
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Wilmington to Myrtle Beach - Pam

Pam -  You just read Mike's posting, now you get my version!!  We stayed at the Wilmington KOA for 3 nites.  They had a deal of buy 2 get one free.  Couldn't pass on that!
Thursday was a beach day and Thursday night we had a few drinks at Buddy's Crab Shack (didn't sell food!)
Yeah, it's a dive!  But fun....

We spent Friday doing the tourist thing.  We went to see Fort Fisher -confederate fort, and then the NC Aquarium in Fort Fisher.  We got to see alot of alligators in captivity, plus an albino gator!

Of course Mike had to be playful at the aquarium...

Saturday morning Mike hit the road and I got to pack-up and hit the road again.  This was the most nerve wracking day to drive since Wilmington is a very busy city (and traffic was snarled due to the triathlon).  But I eventually got out of town and headed south - into construction!  With my jack down alarm going off!  What I haven't mentioned before is the fact that our jacks down alarm has been going off ever since I left Rodanthe!  And the jacks aren't down!  My plan is to go to Camping World in Myrtle Beach to get it repaired, so I'm trying to get to Myrtle Beach early so I can stop in before they close at 5 on Saturday.  Of course, things don't always run soon as I get into South Carolina, I start hitting red lights and suddenly I'm having trouble with the Invisa Brake installed in the jeep.  When I apply the brakes in the motorhome, the Invisa Brake applies the brake in the jeep.  Well, here I am stopped at the light and when I try to pull out, the engine starts straining and I can't move the jeep for a few seconds and then it goes forward and all is fine.  Scary.  Of course, as you get into Myrtle Beach, you hit lights constantly and every few lights, the brake locks up.  One more thing for Camping World!!!  When I get there, they schedule me for Monday at 8am and tell me we can camp for FREE with full hook-ups at their other store.  So off I go and get set-up before Mike rolls into town.  To make Saturday just a little worse, the hot water tank started spewing water and then we went to a sports bar to watch the West Virginia game and they lost!

Sunday was better and we did the tourist thing in downtown Myrtle Beach.

Today (Monday) I checked the motorhome at Camping World at 8am and stayed there until 2pm!  But I did get everything fixed - unfortunately they can't find anything wrong with the Invisa Brake, so life may get interesting down the road....
We are at a nice campground by the ocean and I had to take some scenery shots...

 This is a picture taken while sitting at the picnic table, eating my supper!

Looking out over the campground after sunset.  Life is good!

Well, gotta go, I just got scolded because I am repeating what Mike told you... Oh well!

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